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404Fwd: AMM Salary Survey

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  • mturner4626@aol.com
    Jun 4, 2007
      Salary Surveys are VERY handy things to have around when it comes time to hire a new director or curator and you haven't a clue whether or not what you are offering is even competitive.  The results of a survey like this will help.

      Please take a couple of minutes to go on line and fill it out.

      Mary Turner
      Illinois Association of Museums
      Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
      1 Old State Capitol Plaza
      Springfield, IL 62701

      The Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) is sponsoring a salary survey and has extended the deadline for participation until Friday, June 22.  This survey is being independently conducted by the Illinois Employers Association and will have special relevance to museums in the Midwest.  All institutions that participate in the brief survey will receive a FREE copy of the survey report!  An electronic copy and hard copy of the survey are available on the AMM website at http://www.midwestmuseums.org.

      If you haven't already received this survey, please visit the AMM web site and complete/send in the survey as instructed.  If you have any questions about this survey, please direct them to Terry McKinney (tmckinney@...) at the Illinois Employers Association or Brian Bray (midwestmuseums@...) at AMM.  Thank you!

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