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  • carol biester
    Aug 3, 2010
      Thanks so much for your input.

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      It appears to me, and I am NOT a lawyer, that your mayor has overstepped her authority. Your city government has no oversight responsibility for your museum, if indeed you are an independent 510 c 3.


      Your board may have abdicated their fiduciary responsibilities and that could have consequences with the state.


      You need professional advice, not ad hoc advice from a listserv.


      Please contact an lawyer who is familiar with non-profit organizations. In Chicago one can find professionals who volunteer (http://www.artsbiz-chicago.org/volunteer/bva/) and you might find something similar in your area.


      Diane Gutenkauf


      Robert R. McCormick Museum

      dgutenkauf@cantigny .org



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      Dear DIane,

      Our museum is not a department of the city.  It is a separate entity. The commission owns the park in which the museum sits.   The only formal agreement is that the city may use our parking lot and that they will keep up our grounds.  THe city does our mowing and snow removal.   They have been helpful. 




      From: "Gutenkauf, Diane" <dgutenkauf@cantigny .org>
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      Is your museum a city department or do you have some sort of operating agreement with your city?

      Diane Gutenkauf
      Robert R. McCormick Museum at Cantigny
      1s151 Winfield Rd.
      Wheaton IL 60189
      dgutenkauf@cantigny .org

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      Hello everyone,
      I have a question for you.  Do your museum boards have treasurers and do they do
      the budget, banking and bill payments for the museum?
      About four years ago, our treasurer was not supplying our board with reports.
      The mayor of our city, in order to punish her, took all the checkbooks away from
      our board, the library board, park board and the community building.   The city
      clerk now handles all our money.  We have to deliver bills, receipts and bank
      deposits to her.  

      The library board got their checkbooks back two years ago after appealing to the
      library association.  The old treasurer from the museum board is now gone and
      the commission is in agreement that since we raise the money for the museum, we
      should be allowed to pay the bills.   Running to City hall is a pain, and their
      bookkeeping is not that great.    We try to keep a running record of our
      expenses but sometimes someone will present a bill to city hall and we don't
      know if it is legitimate or what our balance is.     

      The mayor said that the auditor suggested taking over all the checkbooks.  I
      think it is becuse he doesn't want to have to bother coming to our facility to

      Also, we are now concerned because our city is operating in the red and consider
      us as part of their revenue.    We sure don't want them using our hard earned
      dollars to pay their bills. We have a huge project going on refurbishing the
      limestone on the outside of our two story building and really need every nickle.
      Any ideas out there on how to get our checkbook out of their hands?   The
      commission had control of it since it began in 1973.

      Carol Biester
      Amboy Depot Commission
      Amboy Depot Museum


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