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25th chicago gay and lesbian international film festival nov 2-12

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  • djkimcheelove
    http://www.reelingfilmfestival.org/reeling2006/index.html REELING: THE 25TH CHICAGO LESBIAN AND GAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL NOVEMBER 2-12, 2006 Celebrate
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      Celebrate our 25th anniversary with us at what is unquestionably
      the most exciting Reeling Film Festival yet!

      Reeling 2006 will unspool eleven unforgettable days of outstanding
      films, visiting directors and actors, and our most spectacular parties
      ever! This year's festival programming ranges from the slickest
      productions to the farthest reaches of the avant-garde. There is
      something for everyone: hilarious romantic comedies, touching dramas,
      stories of sexual entanglement and intrigue, eye-popping musicals,
      foreign films, zany shorts, and wacky B movie camp, as well as
      compelling documentaries on subjects ranging from transgendered women
      (MtF) in prison to a Christian summer camp for queer teens.

      Reeling's Opening Night on November 2nd promises to be the talk of
      the town as we present the world's first ever gay sequel, Eating Out
      2: Sloppy Seconds, featuring the homegrown talent of director Phillip
      J. Bartell and actor Jim Verraros of American Idol fame. Following the
      screening at the historic Music Box Theatre, we'll celebrate our
      opening in lavish style at the stunning Architectural Artifacts. A
      three-story atrium filled with fantastical vintage treasures, this
      magical space is the ideal setting for a night of performance art and
      dancing to the music of local girl band 8 Inch Betsy.

      We close the festival on November 11th with the flamboyant musical
      that has been wowing audiences at festivals around the world: Ramón
      Salazar's smash hit 20 Centimeters. A unique mix of musical numbers, a
      neo-realist story, and Almodovarian characters, this kitsch fantasy is
      about a pre-op transgender narcoleptic hooker who falls asleep
      uncontrollably and finds herself in a wildly imaginative dream world
      where she is the star of her own elaborately choreographed Technicolor
      musicals. The closing night screening will take place at Film Row
      Cinema at Columbia College, with the after party at Columbia's Conaway
      Center, where the audience can be the stars of their own performances
      with a night of karaoke drag!

      Just because our "official" closing is on November 11th it doesn't
      mean the party is over! On Sunday, November 12th, we will celebrate
      the avant-garde film roots of the festival with our 25th Anniversary
      Party. We will party "vintage" style at Andersonville's Brown Elephant
      Resale Store (located in a 1930s movie theater), which will be
      transformed for one night only into a gallery of experimental film,
      video and performance. We will be featuring exciting new experimental
      queer video alongside the work of groundbreaking avant-garde
      filmmakers shown in our festival's very first year. The highlight of
      the evening will be a live animation performance by award-winning
      Canadian artist Daniel Barrow, including the world premiere of his new
      video, aptly titled Artist Statement.

      Reeling 2006: The 25th Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film
      Festival opens on November 2nd at the Music Box Theatre and will
      continue through November 12th at venues including the Landmark
      Century Center Cinema, Film Row Cinema, and Chicago Filmmakers.
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