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Gay Indie Film To Close Asian Film Festival

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  • Karl Kimpo
    Dear Friends, As mentioned in a previous post, the Chicago premiere of Ethan Mao has been chosen to close the 2005 Chicago Asian American Showcase. (This
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      Dear Friends,

      As mentioned in a previous post, the Chicago premiere of "Ethan Mao"
      has been chosen to close the 2005 Chicago Asian American Showcase.
      (This speaks volumes of the film. In the film festival world opening
      and closing films are reserved for films that film festival organizers
      see as notably outstanding among the other films being shown at a
      given film fest.)

      The following article on "Ethan Mao" is can be found at


      San Francisco Premiere

      USA/Canada 2004 | 88mins | 35mm Color

      In person: Director Quentin Lee, producer Stanley Yung and actors Jun
      Hee Lee and Jerry Hernandez

      Quentin Lee's past features (SHOPPING FOR FANGS, SFIAAFF '97; DRIFT)
      have focused on everything from confused identities to obsessive
      passion. With ETHAN MAO, he turns his focus to family and tears down
      the façade of suburban normalcy. After his homophobic father throws
      him out of the house, the teenage Ethan becomes a hustler, turning
      tricks to survive. His only friend/mentor is the street-smart Remigio.
      When the two unexpectedly confront Ethan's family, no amount of
      experience can prepare anyone for the explosive events that follow.

      Unlike more polite or comedic family melodramas, ETHAN MAO pulls few
      punches in its raw dissection of rage and resentment. There are no
      easy villains or victims as a collision of emotions leaves everyone
      wounded, both literally and figuratively. In the midst of this chaos,
      Lee also examines the bond between Ethan and Remigio as they confront
      their feelings for one another.

      First-time feature actors Jun Hee Lee (Ethan) and Jerry Hernandez
      (Remigio) turn in impressive performances, playing their respective
      characters with humanity and charm. Along with the rest of the cast,
      they make ETHAN MAO a powerful meditation on pain, fear and love that
      touches both gut and heart.

      —Oliver Wang


      If you want to check out more information on the film's showing here
      in Chicago visit the Foundation for Asian American Independent Media
      at http://www.faaim.org/ or check out http://marginfilms.com/ethanmao/
      for the home website of the "Ethan Mao" film.

      As mentioned in a previous email, it is key for folks like us to
      support this film especially since the organizers have been very cool
      about including les/gay oriented films in past Chicago Asian American
      Showcase festivals. Please SAVE THE DATE for April 9th. (A
      post-"Ethan Mao" outing to Andersonville or Boystown will probably
      happen after the movie so please join us for that, too!)


      Karl Kimpo

      "When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength
      in the service of my vision, then it becomes less
      and less important whether I am afraid." -- Audre Lorde
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