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Fwd: Organizing Upgrade Site Launched TODAY (October1)!

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  • elisa armea
    please forward widely [image: Organizing Upgrade] ** * ORGANIZING UPGRADE WEB-FORUM LAUNCHES TODAY, OCTOBER 1, 2009
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      please forward widely 

      Organizing Upgrade





      We are living in amazing times.  Between the groundbreaking election of President Obama and the onset of the largest economic crisis that this country has seen in decades, the terrain of politics is rapidly shifting beneath our feet. We need to do some serious work to upgrade our vision and our organizing practices if we are going to take advantage of this historic moment.

      Organizing Upgrade is an innovative new web-forum launched by Harmony Goldberg, Sushma Sheth and Joseph Phelan.  Organizing Upgrade was created to provide a space where left organizers from across the country can engage in a strategic dialogue about the political terrain and share thinking on what we need to do to take our work to the next level. We hope that this project can bring the kind of inspiration and strategic clarity that we need to strengthen our political impact in our immediate fights and in our longer-term efforts to build the social justice movement and to revitalize a movement-rooted left in the United States.  Each month, Organizing Upgrade will be publishing three new pieces by innovative left and radical leaders who are rooted in the community organizing world.

      The first issue will have a piece by Bill Fletcher Jr. on the demands facing the left and a roundtable on "Left Strategies from the Grassroots" featuring Steve WilliamsAi-jen PooGihan PereraWillie Baptist and Marisa Franco, including audio and video of their dialogue.  

      Future issues will feature pieces by accomplished organizers and progressive strategists in the fields of affordable housing, economic development, workers rights, gentrification, immigrant rights, war and non-violence, global solidarity and labor, including contributors like: James MummAdrianne Shropshire, Ng'ethe Maina,  Noura Erakat, Aarti Shahani,  Terry Marshall, Maria Poblet and Adam Gold.

      We hope that, by encouraging some of the leading innovators and leaders from the sphere of community organizing to put pen to paper and to speak their minds, we can develop unity and clarity about the key demands facing left organizers in these times.



      "A long-range goal to me is a direction that grows out of loving people, and caring for people, and believing in people's capacity to govern themselves." ~Myles Horton

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