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"VINCENT WHO?" New Doc on Vincent Chin April 19 at Asian American Showcase

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  • Dwight Okita
    Karl shared this info on a new movie coming up. Re: Vincent Who?‏ From: opmik75@gmail.com Sent: Tue 4/01/08 12:13 PM To: Curtischin@aol.com
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      Karl shared this info on a new movie coming up.

      Re: Vincent Who?‏
      From: opmik75@...
      Sent: Tue 4/01/08 12:13 PM
      To: Curtischin@... (Curtischin@...)

      "Vincent who?" sounds like an awesome project and I'm glad it is
      making an appearance at the Showcase.

      What does support mean? Have a couple people from an API org to intro
      the film and such?

      My organization (Leadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans) might
      be interested. We've been trying to think of some kind of social
      night thing to do for this year's CLP (community leadership program)
      participants. Plus, addressing issues like this falls in line with
      the spirit of LCAPA's mission and goals.

      The only caveat is that LCAPA has a day-long CLP session from 10am-3pm
      earlier that day. Our CLP particpants might be like, "OMG, I just
      spent the day with you guys and now we are re-convening at 5:30p."

      Some CLP particpants might show just b/c of the subject of the film.

      Other good groups would be...

      * Advisory Council on Asian American Affairs (City of Chicago
      Commission on Human Relations)
      * Asian American Institute
      * National Association of Asian American Professionals (Chicago
      * Filipino American Network (they do an annual Fil-Am film fest in
      * Invisible to Invincible (I2I): API Pride of Chicago
      * Asian American Resource Center (AARC) at UIC

      I have CC'ed people associated with these groups in this email.

      I hope it goes well. I'll be in SF that day. :-(

      Good to hear from you!



      On 3/31/08, Curtischin@... <Curtischin@...> wrote:

      Hey Karl,

      How are you doing? Hope all is well.

      I'll actually be in Chicago for the Asian American Film Showcase
      in a few weeks. I just produced a a documentary called "Vincent Who?"
      that will be playing there on April 19th. "Vincent Who?" is about the
      effects of the Vincent Chin case on the formation of an Asian American
      identity and generations of activists. It features interviews with
      such leading figures as Helen Zia, Renee Tajima Pena and Stewart Kwoh,
      as well a group of young activists who grew up in Michigan at the
      time. It'll be playing on Saturday night as part of a double-doc bill
      (the other film is called Against the Grain) at 5:30 PM.

      I'm trying to find groups/people who would be interested in
      supporting this film. Can you think of anything?

      Thanks, in advance,

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