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3103Re: BREAKING: GOP last minute vote on DACA & Refugee Children

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  • Nebula Li
    Aug 2, 2014
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      Oh, just realized that it just passed the House - it hasn't passed the Senate, so effectively nothing happened thanks to an awesome friend reading more carefully. Still! important to note


      On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Nebula Li <nebula.m.li@...> wrote:
      So this just happened. I haven't found the facts, but UWD says that DACA expansion (not to mention renewals!) might be more difficult now, and due proess might be denied to children crossing the border.  This is a huge deal.  Please sign the petition, it's really really important.  


      On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 10:09 PM, Greisa Martinez, United We Dream <info@...> wrote:


      Republicans want you and me deported. 

      After spending the last year blocking immigration reform and passing an amendment to end DACA that would put Dreamers like me on a pathway to deportation, the GOP is sinking to new levels, and making it official: the Party’s response to anything involving immigrants and refugees is ‘more deportations.'

      And they're not wasting time. House Republicans just passed a border security bill that will deny due process to all asylum seekers. 

      This means the most vulnerable immigrants will be sent back immediately  -- child refugees from Central America, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters fleeing persecution, and women escaping domestic violence will all be deported back to dangerous situations, and potentially their death.

      It gets worse: The House GOP just passed a bill that would prevent current DACA recipients from renewing their DACA and blocking Obama from expanding DACA to our parents.

      This is a last minute attack on families. We have to act now:

      Tell the GOP: Hands off DACA! Demand they stop playing politics with our lives.

      Over 600,000 Dreamers like me have used the opportunity of DACA to pursue work, education, and other opportunities and to give back the country we call home. Despite these successes, and despite DACA eligibility being limited to those of us who arrived in the U.S. prior to 2007, Republicans are intent to blame DACA for the rise of Central American child refugees fleeing violence. They're exploiting this humanitarian crisis to appeal to their far right, anti-immigrant base at the expense of our families lives.

      We can't allow them to wreak even more havoc for their own selfish political gain.

      Let’s show them their attempts to strip DACA and deport Dreamers WILL fail just as their attempts to continue to demonize and block relief for our parents and asylum seekers will.

      Sign the petition here.

      Greisa Martinez
      Organizer, United We Dream
      empowered by Salsa

      Nebula Li, J.D.
      University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2011
      Attorney-at-Law, Licensed in Illinois

      Nebula Li, J.D.
      University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2011
      Attorney-at-Law, Licensed in Illinois
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