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3072Fwd: Vicky's Summer Fitness Camp

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  • JJ Ueunten
    Jun 2, 2014
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      Passing along info on an exciting Summer Fitness Camp that i2ier Vicky is starting! 
      Hi Everyone, 

      I wanted to let you know that I am going to start a Summer Fitness Camp! This camp is for anyone who would like to participate in fun, physical activities with community while experiencing personal growth and activation. 

      As most of you know, I am working towards becoming a certified personal trainer. Even though I am not certified yet, I come from a background of competitive sports and will draw knowledge and experience from my past. Starting in middle school, I participated in competitive swimming and competed at the national level in Taiwan throughout high school. I also did soccer, basketball, and track and traveled internationally (mostly throughout Asia) for competitions. I played a year of basketball at Wheaton College (D3) and gained workout/fitness experience that supplemented years of training in different sports. At UIC, I am a Kinesiology minor and have taken more courses beyond what is required for the minor. 

      I wanted to emphasize the importance of 2 ideas: encouragement and community. I grew up around people, bystanders, teammates, and coaches who constantly put me down throughout my sports career. Words and negativity had such a big impact in my life that finally in college I quit sports all together without trying for more. I realized that one's true potential can not be brought out by being put down and/or yelled at. Community is equally important- especially for those who experience challenges in finding space/voice at settings such as the typical gym. I envision a safe, inclusive, and positive camp where everyone can thrive towards their full potentials. 

      Vicky's Summer Fitness Camp is for anyone and everyone. No experience necessary. Here are some exercises that will be included in the camp:
      Dynamic Stretching
      Circuit Training
      Strength training
      Aerobic training
      Friendly/full-of-encouragement/chill competitions (ex: relays)

      I will host four sessions each week:
      Mon 6:30 pm 
      Wed 6:30 am 
      Sat 11 am
      Sun 10 am

      Pick and choose, Come when you can! It will be $5 per person each time you come. Money goes towards equipment (such as speed ladder and cones) and general sustainability of the camp. Each session should last around 1.5 ~ 2 hoursLocation, and more details of the actual exercises will follow. First Session will start on Saturday June 14. The summer camp will last until Sunday August 3rd

      PLEASE REPLY TO ME if you are interested! I would like to get a head count and also figure out best convenient locations!!!! Please forward this email to whoever might be interested!! Thanks, V