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  • I Li Hsiao
    Aug 16, 2013
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      i2iers, I was very honored to go to NQAPIA leadership summit in Hawaii! It was way over my expectations! These are some of my take home points:

      1. Important to tell your personal stories. Otherwise, others will tell your story thru a different lens or the story never get told. 

      2. Very healing for the soul to be with other queer APIs! 

      3. Networking! 

      4. Appreciation for parents that stand up for their queer kids! 

      5. Hope!

      From the summit, it encourages me to take personal actions:

      1. Continue to share my personal story whereever I am.

      2. Help foster i2i, create a queer Asian community.

      3. Connect friends from my different circles.

      4. Continue to understand my parents' own coming out process and gently remind my parents that they have a queer son and how they could be supportive.

      5. Continue my queer Asian activism work! 

      If you all haven't see the article in Windy City Times, here it is:

      Thank you all for being part of a queer Asian community in Chicago!

      I Li

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