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Re: [I-M223] P78+

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  • Scott E. Stewart
    Wayne, I m also Cont3a group 2, so thank you very much for confirming that there are no further SNP tests for that group at present. My understanding is that,
    Message 1 of 28 , Apr 23, 2013

      Wayne, I'm also Cont3a group 2, so thank you very much for confirming that there are no further SNP tests for that group at present.  My understanding is that, as of April 8, we're trying to determine the position of Cont3a within the Continental group:


      "If you belong to the Cont3a group, you can help us establish the position of SNP's CTS10057 and CTS10100 on the tree. These are upstream SNP's and we'd like to know their relationship to L701 and L702. They could potentially unite Z161, L701 and L702 under a large Continental umbrella."


      Please let us know the status?  Thanks, Scott

      Scott E. Stewart

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      From: Wayne Roberts
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      David, you are in Cont3a group 2. There are no further SNPs to test for at present. I do know you have some of your 111 marker upgrade results back and they show some interesting values for certain markers. Looking forward to the rest being posted.


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      If P78+ after testing, is there a separate group for us at I-M233 Groups?

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