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  • joaobraz_2000
    Thanks Wayne ... I feel much better! Maybe I ll get Geno 2.0 one of these days in complement of my FTDNA results. Cheers, JOAO
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 7, 2013
      Thanks Wayne ... I feel much better! Maybe I'll get Geno 2.0 one of these days in complement of my FTDNA results.


      --- In I-M223@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne Roberts" wrote:
      > Joao,
      > Yes, there are but one needs to understand the various products on offer.
      > Geno 2.0 is more like a combination of FTDNA's Deep Clade test for SNPs and 23andMe's test for Y-Haplogroup, mtDNA Haplogroup and Relative Finder. Neither give you the full picture. FTDNA's Deep Clade does not test for all terminal SNPs that have been discovered. 23andMe does not give you your STR results and only tests some of the mtDNA regions. It does give you health reports though. Geno 2.0 also does not test for your STRs, tests for many SNPs but not all terminal SNPs and many so upstream they have little relevance to the individual (and I think it does not test for the coded region for mtDNA but not sure on this one).
      > Both Geno 2.0 and 23andMe results alone will not give you Y-DNA matches or allow you to participate in Y-Haplogroup Projects such as I-M223 Project. You still must test with a company that tests for the STR markers such as FTDNA, Ancestry, Heritage, etc.
      > So you are caught in that you often have to test with several companies depending on what you are looking for or you test with just one and be content with what is delivers. Geno 2.0 is more a replacement for FTDNA's Deep Clade test and Family Finder but does not compete with STR marker testing or mtDNA full genome sequencing. Wayne
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