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Re: Z161 and Z76 for Cont2a

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  • sallfertorr
    Thank you, Linda. These results will be very useful to us. Aaron Torres
    Message 1 of 3 , May 20, 2012
      Thank you, Linda.

      These results will be very useful to us.

      Aaron Torres

      --- In I-M223@yahoogroups.com, RLMLFM@... wrote:
      > Aaron,
      > Just placed an order for Z161 for Kit 86247 (M223>801+ Cont2a). I had
      > previously placed an order for Z76, results for Z76 are expected to be
      > done by July 2.
      > Thanks,
      > Linda Monticelli
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      > From: Aaron Salles Torres <sallfertorr@...>
      > To: I-M223 <I-M223@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Thu, May 17, 2012 6:27 pm
      > Subject: [I-M223] Z161 and Z76 for Cont2a
      > Dear I2b1/M223 Project Members,
      > Two 1,000 Genome Project SNP's have recently proven to be extremely
      > relevant to the Cont2a subgroup of M223. These SNP's are Z161 and Z76.
      > Z161 is immediately downstream from L801. It has a positive status for
      > Cont1 and Cont2b and some of Cont2a. The portion of Cont2a that is
      > turning out to be negative for Z161 will be included in a new group
      > that I will call Cont-X (the L801* continentals, negative for all
      > downstream SNP's).
      > For the Cont2a individuals who are Z161+, Z76 is a viable option. We
      > don't yet know if this SNP defines all of Cont2a (as Z78 does to
      > Cont1), or if Z76 represents a smaller group within Cont2a.
      > In order for us to know how Cont2a is affected by Z161 and Z76, it is
      > imperative that these two SNP's get massively tested within this
      > subgroup. I have already separated a group of individuals who I believe
      > will be negative for Z161 (called Cont-X) but actual testing is
      > necessary.
      > To order the recommended SNP's ($29 each), follow these steps:
      > 1- Log into your FT DNA account
      > 2- Click on "Order an upgrade" (upper right corner)
      > 3- Click on "Order advanced tests" (note: not "Order advanced SNP
      > tests")
      > 4- Select SNP in the dropdown menu
      > 5- Type the SNP name in the box
      > 6- Add to your basket, place your order
      > The project also welcomes donations so we can sponsor key SNP tests for
      > some of our members who cannot afford to pay for the tests themselves.
      > Counting on your support,
      > Aaron Torres
      > I2b1/M223 Project Administrator
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