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4332Cont 1c1 Group (I-Z79)

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Aug 25, 2014
      Hello Cont1c1 members,
      I wanted to let you know that two of our I-M223 Project members that are Cont1c1 Group (I-Z79) have tested derived for L707 following Reference Samples at Full Genomes and YFull, NA19984 and NA12003 that are Z79+ showing up as L707+. Kits 173448 and 182959 that are Z79+ are also L707+.

      It is not certain yet if L707 is downstream of or phyloequivalent to Z79. Therefore I would appreciate it if other members of Cont1c1 could order L707.
      Those that are confirmed Z79+ are Parks 43302, Harrington 257779, 92733, 96750, Howard 94873, Groth 105444, 218078, Hakull 165030, Mills 17681 and Smart 262209. Norris are confirmed Z79+ and now L707+.
      Not confirmed as Z79+ but in Cont1c1 are Scheeler 26558, McKinney 229631, Steves 101013, Hines 42584 and Antal 192669.

      Thanks and Best wishes,
      Wayne Roberts