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4328RE: [I-M223] McLean #39026 (IslesSc) SNP PF1583- and PF5084-

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  • Jeff Gibbon
    Aug 23, 2014

      Hi Wayne,


      When I did the WTY, my Pages00052 result was T-, has this SNP designation been changed to PF1583?



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      Hello Bob,


      I saw the results come through. When you ordered PF1583, I emailed the FTDNA lab to make sure they checked for PF1583 "A" + which is specific to McDonald and not the standard PF1583 "T" +. So it would seem you are PF1583 "C" - .


      Thanks for testing those SNPs.




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      Subject: [I-M223] McLean #39026 (IslesSc) SNP PF1583- and PF5084-



      Referencing Dr. Nordtvedt's 16 Oct 2013 M223 x Z161 sector tree, I thought that I would test for SNP's PF1583 and PF5084 and came up negative for both, test results posted today.

      #39026 McLean is M284, L1195 (not actually tested for this SNP), L126, L137, L369, S7753 (IslesSc)

      (negative for PF1583, PF5084, and L216).


      Because of paper trail and YDNA matches would expect similar for #116977 McLean and #N53273 McLean.


      Bob McLean,

      Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

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