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4323Re: [I-M223] Re: Cont2a/Cont1 CTS6433+ sector tree

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Aug 21, 2014
      Hello Ian,
      I had a look at Bee kit N25641. He may be CTS6433+ like yourself but his STR markers differ somewhat even with only 12 markers to work with. He appears to have completed Geno 2.0 rather that Big Y gauging from the SNPs listed. Unfortunately he is not a member of the I-M223 Project. You may like to contact the administrator of the East Anglia Project and ask if he/she will contact N25641 and suggest he join the I-M223 Project.
      As for I2c2a1a2a1 this is FTDNA's own classification for CTS6433. Do not worry about it. It makes no sense or relevance anywhere else except to them. It does not even fit in with their old classification (still used even in our Project by FTDNA) for M223 of I2b1. Any SNP branch downstream of M223 would still have the initial I2b1 and that does not. But they have also changed that for M223 in the East Anglia Project to I2c2a. It makes no sense at all. The ISOGG classification now for I-M223 is I2a2a.
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      Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 7:22 PM
      Subject: [I-M223] Re: Cont2a/Cont1 CTS6433+ sector tree


      Hi Wayne,

      Browsing through the East Anglia Geographical DNA project (FTDNA), I came across my FTDNA BigY SNP results (Layton #76513) and those of another project member (Bee # N25641). We were both classified there as '!2c2a1a2a1' – yet another variation of nomenclature!

      What I am unable to determine is whether or not Bee #N25641 has joined the M223 group and submitted his BAM file to YFull. As he is evidently close to my SNP results, I would be most interested to see where he fits (or would fit) into the Ytree.

      Any ideas?


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