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4312Continental 3 YFull Tree

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  • Scott E. Stewart
    Aug 10, 2014

      For my Continental 3 cousins, below is how we appear now in the YFull tree.  I’m YF01709 and our three other P78 Big Y testees are YF01834, YF01879, and YF01768.  YFull lists ten (10) SNPs between Brewer and Ide, Kyle, and me:

      A427/Y4889 • M8965 • S22690 • S23612 • S23897 • S25733 • S8269 • Y4884 • Y4886 • Y4898

      As you know, we’ve been testing S25733, S8269, S23612, and A427/Y4889.  We’ve asked FTDNA to list S23897 and my understanding is that it’s in process.  So far from our testing, the largest group of P78 appears to be S25733+ and S8269+, so they would be P78>S25733, S8269.  Downstream is a group that currently consists of DYS392=13 people (including Ide, Kyle, and myself) who also are S23612+, so they’d be P78>S25733, S8269>S23612.  YFull has grouped Ide, Kyle, and me together and named us Haplogroup I-Y4884.  It’s not clear to me why YFull picked Y4884 because they clearly don’t know that it’s the most downstream of these SNPs.  I believe that YFull picked Y4884 because it has the least amount of variation in its chemical composition among the three of us.  Otherwise, they might as well have picked S23612.  If Wayne or anyone else has any insight here, I’d appreciate it.  We’re still in the process of testing A427/Y4889, but currently it appears to be farther back around S25733 and S8269.  We should know more when the three (3) P78 Big Ys in process come in for Stein (who is DYS392=13, so he should be in the Y4884 or S23612 group), Torkington (who is DYS392=13, so he should be in the Y4884 or S23612 group), and Jackson (who has the DYS464=14-14-15-15 recLOH, so I’m speculating that he’ll be in the P78>S25733, S8269 middle group with Ballough, who also has DYS464=14-14-15-15 recLOH).  Please don’t hesitate to let me know any comments or concerns or if I may provide further info.  Thanks, Scott


      ·         I2a2a1cCTS10057 * CTS10100 * CTS11976 * S2371/CTS2228 * CTS4693...

      o    id:YF01918new

      o    id:YF01934new

      o    I2a2a1c*

      o    I-L701L701 * L702 * P78 * PF6897 * S10309...

      §  I-L701*

      §  id:YF01834NLD

      §  I-Y4884S22690 * S23612 * S23897 * S25733 * S8269...

      §  id:YF01879new

      §  id:YF01709GBR

      §  id:YF01768

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