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4309Re: [I-M223] Y Full Tree

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Aug 9 4:01 PM
      If you have not received the LINK to your BAM file, you need to reply to the FTDNA email notification that had the reference number to your request. Tell them that you appear to have not received your Big Y bam file link and could they send it to you. When you do receive the LINK, forward it over to me at my email address not to this list.
      As for the YFull Y-Tree, it is an evolving tree as new IDs are added. A new ID is placed on the tree at the approximate terminal SNP, after analysis is completed, then the ID will be repositioned under their new terminal SNPs if further ones have been found.
      For some people, they will be all grouped under the same terminal SNP, but their additional branch SNPs will be listed as Private until others are found with the same "private" SNP and then they are given their own branch. So in your case, you might be grouped under Z166, Z187 with F3195/PF1806 appearing in your list of Private (Known or Named) SNPs. There is another list of Private (unique or un-named) SNPs that are specific to you or your paternal line.
      One does have to be careful with the Private "Known" SNPs as while a person may be derived for them, so too others might be but randomly across other branches and other Haplogroups. I see these as unstable SNPs that mutate at random and not useful in tagging new SNP branches.
      On the otherhand, the Private "Un-named" SNPs, if a match is found within the same terminal branch, will be named and new branch created. We have seen this recently with SNP, Y4955.
      So email FTDNA with your reference number and ask for your bam file link.
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      Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2014 1:11 AM
      Subject: [I-M223] Y Full Tree


      Took a look at the new Y Full Tree with Z78, Z166, Z187, L1198, etc.  It appears. I would still be L1198 or Z166/Z187. My own current family or personal SNP being F3195/PF1806.
       Did have the McCall NPE dad's proposed surname listed on my family tree. It would have occurred in the 4th generation before me, or 5th generation ago ( my DNA test). I normally tend to be cautious with genealogy. I removed the NPE surname from my family tree.
       I did receive a notice my bam file would be sent. I am not aware. Why I have not received my bam file. I could guess and come up with a few reasons.
       Fairly certain my results will not make or break anyone's tree or research.


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