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4307Y Full Tree

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  • Brian McCall
    Aug 9, 2014
      Took a look at the new Y Full Tree with Z78, Z166, Z187, L1198, etc.  It appears. I would still be L1198 or Z166/Z187. My own current family or personal SNP being F3195/PF1806.
       Did have the McCall NPE dad's proposed surname listed on my family tree. It would have occurred in the 4th generation before me, or 5th generation ago ( my DNA test). I normally tend to be cautious with genealogy. I removed the NPE surname from my family tree.
       I did receive a notice my bam file would be sent. I am not aware. Why I have not received my bam file. I could guess and come up with a few reasons.
       Fairly certain my results will not make or break anyone's tree or research.

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