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4303Re: [I-M223] Re: Cont2a/Cont1 CTS6433+ sector tree

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Aug 8, 2014
      Hello Tim
      If you look at the new version of the YFull Y-Tree
      You will see the new IDs have been added. Your Y4955 group has grown in size with the addition of the two Talley members. I expect to see them given a sub-branch such as PF4247 and various Y series SNPs unique to them when their analysis is completed.
      As for age when a mutation took place, this is not my area. Perhaps Aaron or Kenneth or even someone from the YFull team may be able to give you an estimate.
      I have put in a request for both Y4955 and PF4247 to be added to the FTDNA SNP Order list.
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      Subject: [I-M223] Re: Cont2a/Cont1 CTS6433+ sector tree


      Thanks for the update Wayne - much appreciated. Do you have a very rough estimate of when the mutation Y4955 (my terminal SNP) may have arisen?

      Tim (Lawrence)

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