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4273Re: [I-M223] Big Y matching

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  • mccallbrian568
    Jul 24, 2014

      Many of the Z series seem to have sorted out. Like Z166. It appears. The lower number located un-named SNPs would have to leap frog the higher numbered L1198, Z166, or somewhere in there. (the un-named SNPs do have lower postion numbers than L1198, F3195/PF1806, etc., including other un-named SNPs).

       that might simply move those 3 Cont.1 men sharing the 5 un-named SNPs closer to present. It would still leave me- McCall with a terminal F3195/PF1806 or whatever. But, the lower position # SNPs would still have to leap frog L1198, or Z166, etc.


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