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4268Re: New experimental Y tree from yfull available

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  • laytonian73
    Jul 22, 2014
      Hi Neville,

      I have been around a while (b 1938), so I am surprised you haven't found me (FTDNA #76513; YF01777; Ysearch SEY7R; email: ian.layton3@...). Thomas Gaston Layton (296606) and you have many STRs in common, as do we all, but there are numerous small differences between the three of us. The question is really how rapidly STRs mutate and whether so many differences could arise over a thousand years or more. I am uncertain and no expert.

      YFull seems to have put us fairly close on the SNP tree (as did FTDNA matches), so maybe we do have a common ancestor two to three thousand years ago. Until we have some more branches downstream from CTS6433 and CTS6433* I cannot see how this difficulty can be resolved. More BigY tests seem to be what Wayne suggests, but that is going to take a while, especially as FTDNA no longer have a rebate!

      I have looked carefully at the available data on Colfer and Layton families in Norfolk, but can find no points of contact. I suspect that the possible common ancestor predates the adoption of surnames, well before my late 16th century Abraham Layton (birth unknown, but probably before 1600, as his wife was born 1594).

      Perhaps we should take this discussion off-forum (my email is in the first sentence).

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