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4266Re: New experimental Y tree from yfull available

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  • neville.colfer
    Jul 22, 2014
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      Hi Ian

      How different are your STRs to mine. Are you on the Classic Chart as Layton 296606? Since his paternal ancestor is listed as Thomas Gaston Layton whereas in a posting you say yours is Abraham Layton 1627, in which case I can't find you.

      The reason for asking is that although Colfer is a rare name there was a family of Colfers in Norfolk in the 16th to 18th centuries. Minor landed gentry, armorial but not knighted, some went to Cambridge University and some became Barristers at Law. They joined the losing side in the english civil war which cost them dearly. All lines now belived to be extinct. Maybe there is a family connection to your Abraham Layton in Norfolk with this family? That would depend on how close the STR matches are. If it is a lot then a Norman or pre Norman connection is more likely.

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