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4264Big Y/I-M223 Project, Cont1, Group 2 Comparison

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  • lwrodgers13
    Jul 21 9:59 AM

      Mike, I know my maternal Welch relatives have unusual Y DNA, but there is a lot of difference between Brewier Welch's  (kit 208931) Big Y matches and the names listed on the I-M223 Cont1, Group 2 list.  You list Z166*-test Z190, PF 5268 in the Cont1, Group 2 heading.  Now, Brewier has only a medium quality for Z166 and is listed as Z185 on his Big Y results.  

      None of the Welches or their only Y-DNA match, Ken Clark (kit 10483) have Y-STR matches with either the Big Y or the Cont1, Group 2 lists suggesting connections way back in time.  I do find some Y-12 matches with men in other I-M223 groups and Uncle Ira Welch has FF matches with Jurgen Grijpstra, Ken Clark with Brian McCall (Brewier's Big Y match, but I don't see him in Cont1, Group2), and I have a FF match with a Worsham who lists the same ancestor as the Worshams in Cont1, Group2!

      I sometimes wonder if all the money spent on DNA testing is just confusing things.



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