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4115RE: [I-M223] Potential P78+ Downstream Haplogroup

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  • Scott E. Stewart
    Jun 24, 2014

      Tony, Yes, your Big Y results will be invaluable in that you appear to be more soundly in P78+ Continental 3a Group 1 from your STR markers and yours will be the first Big Y for that group.  The S16266+ results for Morstein kit # N11098 are surprising because they conflict with the conventional wisdom that, from his STR markers, Morstein was soundly in the tight Group 1 clade, but he mustn’t be because Silver kit # 83112 is S16266-.  Further, no one had expected a connection between the tight Group 1 clade around Silverman and the Group 3 Greek, Armenian, and Turkish tight clade with M kit # N112131, but that appears to be the case from this S16266 testing as they both appear to be S16266-.  We also appear to have found at least one new haplogroup downstream of this new Haplogroup I-S16266 and I’ll email about them later.  Thanks again for doing the FTDNA Big Y test, Scott

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      I'm anxious to see how my big Y impacts my P78 results as well. (Stein 54860)



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      My P78+ Continental 3a Cousins, We may have found the first haplogroup downstream of P78.  Silverman kit # 83112 and M kit # N112131 are negative (ancestral) for the SNP S16266 (S16266-) from individual SNP testing with FTDNA while Morstein kit # N110985, Foster kit # 43377, and Horsman kit # 306510 are positive (derived) for the SNP S16266 (S16266+) from individual SNP testing with FTDNA and Ide kit # 283436, Stewart kit # N86836, Kyle kit # 240543, and Brewer kit # 44994 are positive (derived) for the SNP S16266 (S16266+) in their FTDNA Big Y results (location 14659552 with T to C mutation with High confidence):

      It appears that this SNP may branch us out along the lines of the Carpathian Mountains with those having an origin location from traveling on the eastern side of the Carpathian Mountains (Silverman in Ukraine and M in Greece) being S16266- and those with an origin location from traveling on the west side of the Carpathian Mountains being S16266+.  As I can’t see an STR marker pattern that has emerged yet, I’d encourage all P78+ people to test S16266.  Our illustrious leader Aaron Salles Torres has been too modest to announce that he has become the Haplogroup I2b Contact Person for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG).  I will get with Aaron regarding what further we need to do to get this potential new Haplogroup I-S16266 put on the ISOGG Haplogroup Tree.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we may provide further information.  Thanks for your consideration, Scott

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