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3877Re: [I-M223] Big Y Results Arrived

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Mar 18, 2014
      We had another 6 Big Y results posted in past 24 hours. They are from Cont2a, Cont2b, Cont3a, Cont3b, Isles Eng and Isles Scots. They are added to Cont1-XXX, Cont1c1, Cont2a, Cont2a, Cont2b, Cont3a, Cont3b2 and Isles Scots. We will be making comparisons but it takes time. The data is split into Known SNPs and Novel Variants. Not all of the know SNPs they test for have a result and this makes it difficult as the person could be + or - for that SNP but we have no result. Someone else has a result for that SNP but no one to compare with.
      FTDNA does place some basic SNPs that the Big Y found derived into the person's SNP list but these do not seem to tell us much about any new SNPs. It will only be through comparison of the actual data will we get an idea of potential new SNPs.
      Then there are the around 250 Novel SNPs which are listed by Position on the Y chromosome. Over half of these will be upstream SNPs, some will related to new branches and some will be private.
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      Oh-kay.   Were there any particular findings?
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      Subject: [I-M223] Big Y Results Arrived

      Kit # 99860 Big Y results have arrived. 

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