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  • Wayne Roberts
    Mar 15, 2014
      John and Mike,
      Cont1 groups (CTS6433+ Z78+) and Cont2to1 groups (CTS6433+ Z78-) both seem to have STR marker, Y-GATA-H4 = 9. Members in Cont2 groups with the odd exception have H4 = 10, 11 or 12 repeats. In addition to H4, marker, DYS533 appears to have 12 repeats for members in Cont2 groups, Cont2to1 groups and in Cont1-X... groups while DYS533 has 11 repeats in Cont1 (L1198+) groups.
      It can be difficult to assign a member to a particular group where they have only 12 or 25 markers as H4 is in the marker panel 26 to 37. DYS533 is in one of the panel for 68 to 111 markers, so you can see why we suggest members upgrade their markers.
      Various defining markers also help to predict groups and thus SNPs in other Sectors such as Basics, Roots, Isles and else where in the Continental sectors.
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      Subject: [I-M223] Re: Update March 7th


      You could test SNP Z78 to see if you are Continental 1 (if positive) or 2 (if negative).  If you are Z78+, there is a whole sequence of SNPs to test.  At the next sale you could extend your STRs by testing Y-DNA111. 
      Mike Anthony
      Kit #18187
      Continental 2a/21219

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