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  • Wayne Roberts
    Mar 15, 2014
      Sorry the previous message (shown below) was specifically for John (kit # 205736) and then more broadly for other Cont2a members.
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      Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 1:29 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Re: Update March 7th



      Cont2a is still your relevant sector. It contains members that are or predicted to be CTS6433+ and Z78-. There is a large "Unknown" group that has both CTS6433 tested and untested members who have quite diverse haplotypes (markers). Then there are several smaller Cont2a subgroups that have either a defined haplotype or that have tested/predicted positive for one of the known SNPs that have been found through Geno 2.0, Chromo2 or Big Y to be downstream of CTS6433.
      These downstream SNPs are:
      PF3292 then CTS7010
      ZS20 and ZS21
      So far only one person (Winter) has been found to be PF3292+ and CTS7010+ through Geno 2.0 but someone did test with Chromo2 that was PF3292+ and CTS7010-. While it is unlikely you will be derived for CTS7010, there is a possibility you could have PF3292. We have no way at present to predict who may be derived for PF3292.
      Now we have a number of members confirmed CTS661/L1272+, we can make a prediction based on various markers whom else could be derived for this SNP. You already have tested for L1272 and found to be ancestral.
      ZS20 and ZS21 have identified through Chromo2 and now Big Y for Hepworth and Chromo2 for some others (anomynous). Again there appears to be a set of markers that may indicate these SNPs. They are not yet available to order at FTDNA.
      CTS5332 has been found in two members that did Geno 2.0. One has STR markers, the other has ordered them so until we see the second set of markers it is hard to say if various markers will predict this SNP. It is currently not available to order at FTDNA.
      Several potential new SNPs have been identified in the Chromo2 anomynous data released recently. And now the positions of those S series SNPs have also been released, we can compare them to BIG Y results as they become available and then get them into the order catalog for members to test.
      We are awaiting a number of BIG Y results which hopefully will identify further new SNPs. We will then submit requests to have any useful SNPs added for ordering. Requests went in for ZS20 and CTS6332 for FTDNA to add these to the order calalog. If you look over the Cont2a Sector on the Colorized Results page you will see how the large Cont2a group which you are in has quite a mix of marker results while those of the smaller groups, you can recognise a "pattern" in the marker sets. Some defining markers are in the 38-67 panels while others are in the 68-111 panels.
      When we find out more, we will let the group know.
      Some SNP results just in today virtually confirm (at least for now) that L801/S390, Z76, Z183/L1421 and Z2198 are all phyloequivalent. While they are upstream of CTS6433, it is an important result for us to having these all listed on the ISOGG Haplogroup I tree. Currently only L801/S390 is listed.
      Hope this helps
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      Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2014 3:07 PM
      Subject: [I-M223] Re: Update March 7th


      I noticed that I'm still grouped in Cont 2a - test CTS6433

      However, I've already tested positive for CTS6433.  Is there some other test I should take.

      Kit #205736 = CTS6433+, L801+, M223+, Z76+, CTS1977-, L126-, L1272-, M284-, M379-, P78-, P95-

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