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3864SNP Tests for Cont2b Group 7

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  • Dale Alsop
    Mar 8, 2014
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      Thanks for all of your work keeping the groups updated.


      I am listed in Cont2b Group 7/YCAII=17,21 but don’t understand the recommended SNP tests. From what I have seen, the two recommended SNPs, CTS6433 and CTS1977 represent sister clades. Why wouldn’t someone in this group check one SNP first then only check the other if the first was negative. I don’t mind spending money to test SNPs but I would rather do it in the most economical way.


      By the way, I have already tested positive for CTS1977 and negative for P95. It seems like the next logical step would be to test CTS1858. Does this make sense or is there another SNP I should test first?




      Dale Alsop