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3853Re: [I-M223] Just out of curiosity

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  • Randy Wilson
    Mar 5 5:24 PM
      Hi to Cliff & anyone interested in my elementary observations in regard to Neanderthal, etc.

      Nearly everything I'm attempting to relay here comes from the National Geographic geno 2.0 sites such as genographic.com.  If you haven't seen their site, you may find it interesting.  The site discusses some of the results of the National Geo. effort to DNA map random samples of the population of County Mayo, Ireland as well as map every ethnic/cultural group on the planet.  Click on the "News" heading at the top & then find the Ireland info in the lower right corner).
      My Fitzgerald relative whom I DNA tested is the I haplogroup member here & was tested through FTDNA.  I tested myself through Ancestry.com (who uses 23AndMe for their autosomal test) and also tested myself through FTDNA & the National Geographic Geno 2.0 (which is processed by FTDNA).  Here's what's pertaining to your question: I'm of the R1b1 haplogroup with a fairly common 97% mix of genomes from N.European, Mediterranean & Asian but 3 to 4 % from Neanderthal & Denisovan (from a girl's remain's found in a cave in Denisova, Siberia).  They're saying that most folks who are non-African are about 2% Neanderthal; the Denisovan is still being experimented with.  I don't know how common these percentages are among the world population but they're saying these Neanderthals & Denisovans were a slightly different race of hominid; they all inter-bred and......here we are.

      There's also some short interesting discussion about the County Mayo haplogroup results as they pertain to maternal and paternal haplogroup percentages with Vikings, King Niall of the Nine Hostages and a few other ingredients in the mix.

      Thanks for your patience; maybe this will stir some interesting reading while awaiting SuperY results.  
      Randy Wilson

      On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 3:41 PM, Cliff. Johnston <texasfalconer@...> wrote:
      Has anyone in our I-M223 group done the 23AndMe test? 

      Today I was asked to take a look at the 23AndMe test results for someone and give them my interpretation.  As the person was of the R haplogroup it didn't mean much to me personally, although I may have been able to help him out a wee bit.  What caught my interest though was the % of Neanderthal in his background and the statement by Ancestry that the average European, R-haplogroup person has 2.7% Neanderthal in his genetic make-up.

      Has anyone here seen a number for those of us with the I-M223 lineage?  i.e.:  what % is Neanderthal, if any?

      We have a member waiting for his BigY test results [along with hundreds of others ;-) ], and there are several Johns(t)ons awaiting their Y-DNA test results.  So far the Y-DNA test results that have come back this year are mostly R-haplogroup - no help at all :-(

      Thanks and good hunting,


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