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3850Re: [I-M223] Just out of curiosity

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  • Rossa Mullen
    Mar 5, 2014
      I done the 23andme test about three years ago, I am I-L126 (done another test at FTDNA) and my Neanderthal score is 2.8%. The result is most likely autosomnal based.
      They offer a good test for people seeking relatives but it's not so great/worthless for direct Y line ancestry, there are some good features for comparing segments with other people.

      On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 1:42 PM, Cliff. Johnston <texasfalconer@...> wrote:
      Has anyone in our I-M223 group done the 23AndMe test? 

      Today I was asked to take a look at the 23AndMe test results for someone and give them my interpretation.  As the person was of the R haplogroup it didn't mean much to me personally, although I may have been able to help him out a wee bit.  What caught my interest though was the % of Neanderthal in his background and the statement by Ancestry that the average European, R-haplogroup person has 2.7% Neanderthal in his genetic make-up.

      Has anyone here seen a number for those of us with the I-M223 lineage?  i.e.:  what % is Neanderthal, if any?

      We have a member waiting for his BigY test results [along with hundreds of others ;-) ], and there are several Johns(t)ons awaiting their Y-DNA test results.  So far the Y-DNA test results that have come back this year are mostly R-haplogroup - no help at all :-(

      Thanks and good hunting,


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