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3799Re: [I-M223] Chromo2 M223

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  • qumavren
    Feb 4, 2014

      Hello Scott,

      In my opinion you should talk with Wayne or Aaron. They can specify an exact type of test for you.

      Below I have described short my thoughts.
      At present Cont2c group is defined by two SNP: L623 and L147
      From your group Games (#31781) and Wray (#N23983) has tested Geno2.0 but no new SNP has not been discovered, so this test in this version is not useful for you.

      Test Chromo2 has been described by Wayne earlier in this topic. It is very difficult to determine whether this test reveals your group. SNPs L623 and L147 are not tested by Chromo2.

      For each group, looks very promising the test BIG-Y but that this test was useful at least two people in the each group must be tested. From your group Games (#31781) ordered this test. Look at: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/I-M223/conversations/topics/3728

      Next test is full Y from Full Genome Corporation (FGC) but now its results is very foggy. I have found no studies but I don't have an account on Facebook so maybe there are any messages. This test has a high potential for researchers and for you. Wayne tested FGC so he could describe this test.

      Because I am not the specialist now I present only my point of view. In my opinion for you and your group the best choice is BIG-Y, but now this price is not encouraging. The second choice can be FGC, then Chromo2.

      Now prices:
      BIG-Y - 695$
      FGC - 1250$
      Chromo2 - 299$
      Chromo2 raw data - 199$

      The best choice is Chromo2 raw data.
      Your money your choice.
      This month should be the first results of the BIG-Y. Maybe you should wait for this results and after decide about your test.

      Wayne, thank you for your work for us.

      Kind regards

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