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3796Re: [I-M223] Chromo2 M223

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Feb 2, 2014
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      Thanks Tom.
      I advised Kenneth of the duplicate #269 and he has corrected it on his Chromo2M233 tree. S5025 is a branch of CTS1977 so it maybe another name for CTS1858 or L1201 or P95 or a new SNP. The problem we all have is that BritainsDNA/ScotlandsDNA have not released the Y chromosome positions of their S series of SNPs.
      Some branches can be worked out through comparison with what we know from Geno 2.0 and FTDNA testing. Other branch lines like Isles L126 may not show a lot of new SNPs because samples were not tested as thoroughly as some other samples such as the L1228 sample.
      If anyone from the I-M223 Project has ordered or tested Chromo2, please let me/us know. So far we are only aware of Hobbs in Roots 1, Hepworth in Cont2a and Cochran in Isles Scots. All of those other results (with Ken's numbering) were provided anonymously so there are no names to cross reference with Project members and their STR markers. Chromo2 does not test for STR markers.
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      Kenneth Nordtvedt has published SNPs tree of new markers from Chromo2 (britainsdna.com). Look at http://knordtvedt.home.bresnan.net/ and open file: Chromo2M223.pptx  

      Many new SNPs belong to group of L1228, Roots and somebody of probably Cont-2c or different man of Cont-2 (McMillan group?).
      Markers S1984=PF810 create a new branch Cont-2 (Johnston clan,  Arnold group or a new?)
      CTS6433 group has a few new markers into his branches.
      Interesting that Isles group does not have many markers.
      At present we can't see any new markers in Cont-3.

      Kit number consist of three digits, for example: 192
      #269 belongs to two branches: S5025 and CTS1977 but probably it is some mistake.


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