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3794L1228+ sector and Z524

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Jan 29, 2014
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      The L1228 sector on the I-M223 Project Y-DNA Results page/s has been reorganised into four subgroups/clades - A, B, C and D (L1227). Group C consists of Rego who was found Z524+ by Geno 2.0. FTDNA has now added Z524 to their SNP order list. I would recommend Z524 to those with a close match to Rego and possibly one or two people from Groups A and B could also test for it. DeFelice in Group C is known to be Z524- so those with a close match to him probably should not test for Z524.
      If say Shorter, Oliver or Hollier and/or Olivera, Brandao or Costa were found to be also Z524+, this would split Group C as it will show Z524 is not just a private SNP. Group D is known to be Z524-.