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3612RE: Re: [I-M223] RE: Please explain the situation with SNP P195

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  • joaobraz_2000
    Nov 12, 2013

      Not surprisingly, I came out as M214 negative. I just hope they will keep their promise of running the P195 test as originally ordered. 



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      I have received the following message from FTDNA regarding P195. I also note that M214 has been ordered by FTDNA for each of the 6 kits. Perhaps they are going to run both SNPs. Wayne.
      Dear Mr. Roberts,

      Thank you for all of the great information! Our lab director has the P195 primer in the lab and is working on the issue with that marker. We will re-run the P195 for all six kits once the P195 primer is vetted. I appreciate your patience and for working with us.

      Best Regards,

      Michelle F
      Information Specialist
      Family Tree DNA

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      Already received a message from Michelle F. at FTDNA info asking for the kit number of the P195+ member. As has been suggested outside this list, the Lab assumed that as M214 and P195 are found close together in Haplogroup N they could substitute M214 for P195. Well excuse me Mr. Lab Director, this is not Haplogroup N. Let hope we get a good resolution of this matter. Thanks Joao, the more pressure, the better, I hope.
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      Subject: [I-M223] RE: Please explain the situation with SNP P195



      I have sent your draft to the person I've been in contact with at FTDNA ... hopefully someone over there will read it and we will soon have an answer!


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      Dear FTDNA,
      The following Y-DNA Haplogroup I-M223 Project members have tests ordered for SNP, P195.
      39699Denis HaydeP195P1955207/31/2013 
      260237Dr. Joao Manuel BrazP195P1955207/31/2013 
      28064Dr. H. Jay WrightP195P1955218/7/2013 
      72066Mr. William Keith WorshamP195P1955228/14/2013 
      79327John Anthony Cleary                                                           P195P1955238/21/2013 
      N18172Mr. Edward Paul FleetP195P19553411/7/2013

      I have been made aware that a problem exists with testing for this SNP, P195 and some or all of the above members have been offered a refund of $39 and testing for an alternative SNP, M214 at no charge.
      Our delema begins now P195 test is not available. A member tested positive for P195 with Geno 2.0. This is the first occurence of P195 derived in Haplogroup I-M223 and other members with similar STR markers and branch SNPs were organised to test for P195 and placed orders in good faith between 10 June and 15 September 2013. The member that was positive for P195 is negative for M214 as are all other members of Haplogroup I-M223 Project that have done the Geno 2.0.
      So how will M214 replace P195 when the person that is derived for P195 is ancestral for M214? Could the Lab Director please respond back with some answers as I am unable to call or visit to discuss this being located in Australia.
      Your sincerely,
      Wayne Roberts
      Y-DNA Haplogroup I-M223 Project
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