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3611Re: [I-M223] Big Y DNA Test offer by FTDNA

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  • Cliff. Johnston
    Nov 12, 2013
      Thank you.  I could not have said it any better *:) happy
      So, our questions still remain unanswered???!!!~~~  *:( sad
      I have several people who test essentially as I recommend they test.  At this point I am saying that we need to wait until FTDNA clarifies exactly what their BIG Y DNA Test is going to do for us.  How does it differ from the WTY, other than price?
      Good hunting,
      P.S.:  Note the cc.  Let's see just how much FTDNA is interested in "helping" us, or are they looking to "stick it to" the unknowing public?  Now is your opportunity, FTDNA!!!
      From: Dora Smith tiggernut24@...
      To: I-M223@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 8:46 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Big Y DNA Test offer by FTDNA
      I’m addressing Cliff Johnson a couple of messages down – Windows Live Mail doesn’t let you partially trim e-mail.
      Cliff asked “Is the BIG Y DNA Test going to use any new primers discovered since then or is it going to be a rehash at lower prices just to draw in new customers???” and the reply about a $50 voucher is merely confusing.   So is they’re discussing it at a big meeting this weekend, since they already know what the test includes and presumably are not just making up their minds at the meeting..   .  
      I too asked what the big Y DNA test specifically includes.  I got told to re-read two little tiny lines far down the post.  
      What we specifically need to know is, SPECIFICALLY what the test includes.   Is it a repeat of Genographic, for example?   Does it include EVERY KNOWN SNP (which the Genographic test very notably does not)?    Does it include any SNP’s that are NOT previously known?   Does it in fact do any sequencing?  What does it mean by every known SNP and a bunch of other stuff?    If it doesn’t do the level of sequencing to find new SNPs it won’t find anything new, so noone looking for the new SNPs that affect their lineages needs to be bothering with it.   
      If Family Tree DNA once again doesn’t deign to tell us what the test tests for, a simple reply to that effect would work.   AND that would kind of imply that Family Tree DNA might be milking their customers again, though frankly, the people at FTDNA are often simply too scattered and arrogant to deign to communicate clearly.   I certainly wouldn’t get the test without clarification.   The reason for my interest is that my lineage is in need of such a test.  
      Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2013 6:52 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Big Y DNA Test offer by FTDNA
      I have no idea. I am in Australia. The FTDNA Project administrators conference or what ever is on in Houston this weekend. I assume these things are being announced and discussed there.
      Please see Debbie Kennett's post for details. She has done a nice job.http://cruwys.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-new-big-y-test-from-family-tree-dna.html
      From her post it seems FTDNA will offer all past WTY customers a further $50 off voucher.

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      Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2013 10:13 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Big Y DNA Test offer by FTDNA
      In our Johnston/e group Christopher Johnston did the WTY this summer.  Is the BIG Y DNA Test going to use any new primers discovered since then or is it going to be a rehash at lower prices just to draw in new customers???
      From: Wayne Roberts <wayne_r_roberts@...>
      To: I-M223 List <I-M223@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, November 9, 2013 5:35 PM
      Subject: [I-M223] Big Y DNA Test offer by FTDNA
      Today I noticed a link appear on our FTDNA account pages that directs you to the following announcement offer.

      BIG Y DNA Test

      Next Gen Y Sequencing

      Presale order today and get a $200 discount!

      Most Y SNPs Available
      • Nearly 25,000 known SNPs, placing you deep on the haplotree.
      • 10 Million base-pair coverage - more than any other Y-DNA test on the market.
      New SNPs Unique to You
      • Find SNPs that may be completely unique to you.
      • Explore your deep paternal ancestry.
      Advanced Genetic Anthropology
      • Help the community uncover new, undiscovered SNPs.
      • Use your newly discovered SNPs to helpgrow the haplotree.

      This is good news for those members apparently stuck at a dead end SNP and sick and tired of testing others that just come back negative because your downstream SNPs are not on offer at FTDNA or not discovered yet. It is bad news for those of us that did FTDNA's Walk Though the Y test in the last 12 months for almost US$1,000 and nothing new was discovered that was relevant. This Big Y DNA Test is the WTY test replacement. If you can afford the almost $500 it may well be worth your while. Perhaps large family groups could pool to have one family member tested.
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