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  • Scott E. Stewart
    Oct 22, 2013

      Wayne, For those of us who are accustomed to FTDNA’s rendition and aren’t as familiar with Full Genomes Corp., please let us know more about the format in which FullGenome’s information is provided and how you would use the information for genealogy or to benefit the knowledge of the M223 Project?  Thanks, Scott


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      Here is the link.



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      If I may ask. Who is doing your test? Just, in case. I get the opportunity to test.



      On Monday, October 21, 2013 10:12 PM, Wayne Roberts <wayne_r_roberts@...> wrote:


      Thanks Brian for your best wishes to all here.


      I can inform you that there are at least two members of the I-M223 Project undertaking the Full Genome Sequencing. One is from the CTS6433+ sector and the other is myself from the L1229, Z2054 sector. My sample is presently at a lab in LA being sequenced. I hope to have some information to share with everyone by December if all goes well.




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      From: Brian McCall

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      New tools are becoming more normal in various ways. I used these tools. Before, they started to become more popular. Various historical societies and genealogical lineage historical societies have began promoting genetic genealogy. The new Ged-Com or family tree soft wear now endorsed by FT DNA. It includes smart matching. I used it. Before FT DNA endorsed it. I guess. I should be happy to have been in the van-guard or independent pioneering phase. Of course, someone started those resources. Besides, being permanently disabled. I personally, do not possess the wealth to join every historical society nor genealogical research site, nor family project. That, I would be able to join. Several, I have been invited to join in years past. That is sort of irrelevant or a mute point. Thirdly, it has personally been a bad year for me to pursue genetic genealogy research.. I have made descent progress in my genetic genealogical research. I guess. I should wish those people beginning to use genetic genealogy the well wishes and the very best in their efforts. Everyone knows. what happens to those in, ahead or near the front line. It gets handed off to those who follow. I have been informed. There are still, future archeological digs and projects planned. They will be relevant. They are tentatively from the present reaching as far back as before the year 0. I cannot give any more details. Opportunity still exist. Although, some progress has become slow. 

       As for my own F3195 SNP. I still do not know the SNP's specifics. except, my Geno 2.0 raw results shows it is Y SNP F3195 A-A. I would like to see more family participation for STR variation and SNP verification. Although, back-mutations are rare. An SNP mutation can occur every generation. Several Y Trees seem to be in the experimental stage. I sincerely, hope my F3195 in I-M223 >L1198 is placed properly. Even, if it gets removed from the I-M223 tree. I would like to know why. So, my own records can reflect the reasoning behind it. At this point, I cannot see the need to take a Full Human Genome Sequence Test. Even, if it were an affordable and very accurate test. I have not heard of anyone taking such a test, recently.

      Congratulations to those in I-M223. Who have been making recent progress.



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