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3479RE: Re: [I-M223] Money for tests

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  • janet_crow
    Oct 6, 2013
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      As suggested, I  upgraded to 111 markers and finally after months of waiting they are done.  I hope my info helps the group.  If you find anything interesting/note worthy, please let me know.   Once again, thank you all for the work you are doing here. 
      Respectfully,   Jan Crow

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      Hello Jan,
      Unfortunately there have been no new SNPs discovered for Isles Scottish or for the Isles M284 sector. Geno 2.0 chip only included L126 and therefore did not reveal any new SNPs for this sector.
      All I can suggest is that you upgrade the 37 markers to 67 or 111 markers for now until some new SNPs come along. The more STR markers tested, the easier it is to work out possible clusters or subclades within a group that later may be supported by specific SNPs.
      Best wishes for Easter
      Wayne Roberts
      Co-Administrator I-M223 Project
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      I have replenished my kitty and am able to run a couple tests. Which tests will benefit our group? My kit #175599 I-L126 L126+, L137+, L369+, M379-, Z2070-

      Thanks. Jan Crow

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