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  • Dena Bush
    Sep 15, 2013
      I was signed in and went to order an upgrade, order advanced tests. It does not show the L1198 as an optional advance test.  Do I have to wait for the YDNA111 results to be complete before it will show it is available for me to order?

      From: Wayne Roberts <wayne_r_roberts@...>
      To: I-M223@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, September 7, 2013 8:13 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Layton
      When you log into the account for kit 296606, you will see the I-M223 Project listed. If you click on that it will take you to the Project's main page. The menu bar along the top has "Y-DNA" and from the drop-down menu you select Colorized Results. When that page opens and finished loading, change the page size to 1700 and hit return. All of the members' STR marker results will then be displayed and you can do a "Find on Page" search for 296606. There you will see his place in the Cont1 group.
      You may wish to wait for all the marker results to be finalised before you order any SNPs or you can order them now. Orders are batched on Wednesdays each week. There are quite long delays for some results at present so it might be wise to have the new order batched as soon as possible rather than waiting..
      To order a SNP, go back to the main kit account page, click on the "Order an Upgrade" button. From the new page, scroll down and select "Order Advanced Tests". On the new page for Test Type, select SNP from the drop-down menu, page reloads, then for Marker, type in the SNP you want to order such as Z78, then click on Find. It will bring up the SNP with a price of $39 for the test. Click on Add to place it in your shopping cart. Repeat the process to select another SNP such as L1198. When finished selecting, click on Next and follow through to finalise your order.
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      From: Dena Bush
      Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2013 12:28 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Layton

      Or should I wait for the rest of the 111 test results to come in?  Also i don't seem to be able to see any results on the site.  How do I get to the results portion on this site???
      thank you, Dena

      From: Wayne Roberts <wayne_r_roberts@...>
      To: I-M223@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, September 7, 2013 6:53 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Layton
      Yes, kit 296606 is a member of the I-M223 Project. He is listed in Cont1 group. Recommended SNPs to test for are Z78 and L1198.
      The SNP branches downstream of Z183 look something like this where * means further SNPs downstream may exist.
      Z183 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> CTS661, L1272 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> CTS7010, PF3292 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> Z180, Z187, Z166 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> Z180, Z187, Z166 --> P195 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> Z180, Z187, Z166 --> F3195 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> Z180, Z187, Z166 --> Z190 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS6433 --> Z78 --> Z171 --> Z185, L1198 --> Z180, Z187, Z166 --> Z190 --> Z79 --> *
      Z183 --> L1290, L1317 --> *
      Z183 --> CTS1977, ZS23 --> *
      Have a look at Ken's map for the CTS6433+ sector
      Kit 296606 is predicted somewhere downstream of Z78. He is unlikely to be on the P195 or F3195 branches. Hope this helps,
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      From: Dena Bush
      Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2013 6:56 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] L1443 in Cont3

      Hi Richard.
      Man on Man, well I clicked on the "blue hear" in your response, I read through everything and my head is swimming.  You can be assured I am keeping your e-mail so I can go back to "here" often.  Thank you so much.
      Ok, I beleive I have  already joined the I-M223 group, my relative kit number is #296606.
      I will go back and check to see if I am a member of the group.
      Sincerely thank you again.
      Dena Layton (Jeannette is given name, Dena is nick name since I was 3 months old :>)

      From: DNAresults <brewerdna@...>
      To: "I-M223@yahoogroups.com" <I-M223@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 4:15 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] L1443 in Cont3
      Hi Dena,
      Welcome to the fascinating world of DNA and what is now called genetic genealogy.  I can recommend you start by following the lesson guide by Kelly Wheaton written for folks just like you. To quote from the review by "your genetic genealogist" at . http://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/2013/08/kelly-wheatons-beginners-guide-to.html

      The guide has received unanimously good reviews from those of us who have read it. One of the nice things about it is that it breaks the instruction into easily digestible pieces, by keeping each lesson short and concise. There are thirteen lessons so far and Kelly says that she will continue to add to it. As she was writing, Kelly had the foresight to share it with "newbies" to receive feedback and make sure that it is understandable for the beginner. This has resulted in a very easy-to-understand 

      You can find this wonderful guide here

      I think this will get you started on a new and exciting trail. Don't hesitate to ask questions along the way -- there are usually plenty of people that can help you.
      You should also join the I-M223 group.
      Richard Brewer

      On Thursday, September 5, 2013, Dena Bush wrote:
      Help, I am completely new to DNA testing. I had my Uncle tested Y-DNA111 and MtDnaPlus from FTDNA, Our paternal was I2b1M223.  I have been told the M223 represents our SNP,  Is there places I can go to read to be able to understand all the information these tests have generated?
      If I am asking in appropriate questions for this site, please let me know.
      Sincerely  JD Layton

      From: Wayne Roberts <wayne_r_roberts@...>
      To: I-M223@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 7:45 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Re: L1443 in Cont3
      I believe FTDNA via their Facebook page has reassured customers that they will be continuing to provide the individual STR and SNP test services they offer at present.
      While there have been delays in ordered tests I think this has been due to the high demand from the various promotions and discounts. One lives in hope each day that SNP test results will be posted for members of this Project and especially for the various new SNPs.
      While we wait, I have been inviting FTDNA customers that show as I2b1 / I-M223 from Project members Y-DNA matches to join us. Before we embark on further SNP testing within Cont3a I would like to see some of the results for orders come through. This does not prevent members from testing for their predicted terminal SNP, be it P78, L703 or L704, if they do not have one confirmed. I have been sending out emails suggesting terminal SNP testing.
      I see some more marker upgrade results have come through - Torkington now has all 111 markers and some are quite interesting when compared with others that have 111 markers tested.
      Thanks go to Aaron, not me for those PF and other SNPs orders being placed and to Doug for those he placed.
      Hopefully more things will be revealed soon and we can take our next steps forward.
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      Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 7:02 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Re: L1443 in Cont3

      Wayne, I saw the orders for PF6896 and PF6902 were placed for Dawes, so thank you very much for all of your help with them.  I also heard some good news in that I believe the Perrys sua sponte on their own have ordered PF6896 and PF6902, so we finally should know more regarding where those SNPs are in the L703>L704 Sector.  The last time that I checked, FTDNA still hadn't added PF6899 as an individual SNP that could be ordered as an upgrade, which leads me to inquire with you as to a rumor that I've heard that FTDNA will stop offering individual STRs and individual SNPs that can be ordered as upgrades.  Please confirm that this isn’t true?  If this is true, please let us know if there are other providers for these services and if we should order as quickly as possible any outstanding testing that we had planned?  For example, please let us know if we should move forward now with your plan in your email below to ask Yeates and Keyes to test L700 and ask Yeates to test L1226?  Thanks, Scott
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