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3410Re: [I-M223] Cont2a CTS6433+ --> CTS661+, L1272+

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    Sep 13, 2013
      Wayne or Aaron,
      Of the Cont2a group, CTS6433+ it appears Gersper, Palmer and Winter all have undergone Geno 2.0 testing.  If I understand correctly, Palmer was to be moved from this group to another (based on CTS1977 results).  Winter's recent results found two new potential leads: CTS7010 & PF3292, the latter of which is the only currently available for order on FTDNA.
      Were there any new potential leads found from Gersper's Geno 2.0 test?  I may have missed it. 

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      Subject: [I-M223] Cont2a CTS6433+ --> CTS661+, L1272+

      We now have results back for L1272 which is phyloequivalent with CTS661.
      Collins kit N9060 was earlier found to be CTS661 with his Geno 2.0 test. CTS661 is not in the FTDNA SNP order list however L1272 is.
      Abbott kit 186219 and Brown kit 28482 were asked if they would test for L1272. Both agreed and the results are back. They are both derived for L1272 and therefore presumed derived for CTS661 also.
      Thanks to those involved.
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