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2810Fw: [yDNAhgI] 459 = 8/9 Basic Cont-1 in M223

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  • Wayne Roberts
    May 22 7:32 PM
      Some Cont1 members may find this information of interest.
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      From: Kenneth Nordtvedt <knordtvedt@...>
      Date: Thu, May 23, 2013 at 8:17 AM
      Subject: [yDNAhgI] 459 = 8/9 Basic Cont-1 in M223
      To: y-dna-haplogroup-i@...

      If you look at the very young Basic Continental-1 it is mostly 8/10 at DYS459.  But there is a small but decent population of 8/9 at DYS459 haplotypes.  For such a young Basic Continental-1 (Z78+ Z79- Z185+) I decided to isolate all the 8/9 haplotypes.

      Three of them have 111 markers.  Those three all have the very rare 10 at DYS589 instead of standard 11.  All three are also 15 at DYS393.

      Otherwise, there is nothing to hold all these 8/9 haplotypes together as a subclade.  If DYS589 continued to show up 10 within this population, that could be a link to a common history.

      If you are 8/9 at DYS459 and otherwise are looking like Continental-1 (9 at H4) and not one of the other recognized clades of Continental-1, I recommend purchasing DYS589 as an individual STR if you are not yet interested in full expansion to 111 markers.  DYS589 will be very cheap to do.

      See “The M223+ Modalities” and “Tree for M223+ Z161+” for relevant information concerning Basic Continental-1.

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      Kenneth Nordtvedt

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      "Tree for I1 Z58+ Z60-"
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      "Tree for M223 x Z161"
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