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2331Re: [I-M223] Re: updated tree... Foundations of I-M223 Haplogroup shaken (CTS616 and CTS9183)

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  • Martin
    Jan 19, 2013
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      Let me know the results. We'd be happy to have one more member!


      On Jan 18, 2013, at 7:42 PM, joaobraz_2000 wrote:


      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks ... I didn't know he had tested for these SNPs ...

      Martin, maybe I'll join you in group cont 1c. Once my L1198 results arrive, I'll know if it is worth testing for these 2 SNPs.


      --- In I-M223@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne Roberts" wrote:
      > Hello Joao,
      > Martin (Immel) has already tested for Z190 and Z79. He is Z190+ and Z79-.
      > He is in the right listing at present on the Project STR results page as Cont 1c.
      > In the ISOGG tree for Haplogroup I he would be I2a2a3a2a1 (I-Z190) with the possibility of I2a2a3a2a1* (I-Z190*).
      > Wayne

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