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2216Re: [I-M223] Re: Z2054- for Roots kit#227963 (Moore)

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  • Wayne Roberts
    Jan 4, 2013
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      Hello Mike,
      Thanks for your questions. Being a bit of a novice, I'm not quite sure what you mean. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that STR subgrouping may indicate an SNP or two that are connected to that subgroup, and yet to be discovered. It also assists with predicting what known SNPs such as L1230 people with a certain set of STR values are most likely positive for, rather than having people with completely different STR set but within same broader group test un-necessarily. As new SNPs are identified through Geno 2.0, STR subgrouping hopefully will narrow down who needs to test.
      As for WTY, there are currently two Project members that forked out the US$950 to take the test. I'm one from Roots group 2b (9-12) and Diaz from Isles Limbo group. Both are due in the later half of January. I decided not to test with Geno 2.0 because it did not even include the Roots sector defining SNP L1229, Z2054, L1230, (not sure about L812) so I expected then there was little chance any new Roots SNPs would show up. However with three Geno 2.0 results back for Roots members, two have shown no calls on 4 different SNPs. Given the cost of WTY and the difficulty having ALL members participating in the Project at a basic level (even to reply back to a personalised email), I do not think there will be too many WTY ordered unless we get donations to the Project Fund.
      These are my views and I do not speak for any others involved.
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      Hi Wayne, et al
      How many people do we have WTY?  Wouldn't we learn more from finding new SNPs than the further sub-grouping of STRs?  Don't our Y-DNA Match groups already accomplish that sub-grouping?
      G. Michael "Mike" Anthony
      Kit #18187, Cont2a

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