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2089Re: [I-M223] Some Geno 2.0 Y-DNA Answers

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  • Dora Smith
    Dec 3, 2012
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      Wow, the test is pretty worthless if it does not even have M284!  
      Tell me they didn’t know that SNP existed when they ordered the chip.
      Elliott Greenspan specifically told me that they will be releasing a tree in a month or two.   He said it would contain the SNPs Geno 2 is using, not that it would come from Geno 2.
      It sounds like these people don’t even have their stories straight.
      Sent: Monday, December 03, 2012 5:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] Some Geno 2.0 Y-DNA Answers

      Hi Aaron,
      Thanks very much for this update. My test has been in QC since 8 Nov, and I was beginning to wonder what was happening. Actually, I thought that they had started all over. The original test time for Stage 1 to Stage 4, was 17 Oct to 8 Nov.
      Again Thanks
      Bob Carpenter  6060

      On 12/3/2012 9:35 AM, Aaron Salles Torres wrote:


      Hello, all

      I have written to Bennett and Elliott Greenspan, Thomas and Astrid Krahn regarding Geno 2.0 issues that were not clear to me as I did not participate in the FT DNA conference (I live in Brazil!!!).

      My main questions were regarding the fact that many key SNP's were excluded from the chip, as well as whether a revised tree would be handed down to us from the Geno 2.0 team or if we'd continue to build the tree the way we've been doing it, with the collaboration of project members, ISOGG and FT DNA.

      Regarding the SNP's excluded from the chip, just to name a few that are relevant to I-M223, for example, we [don't] find:

      Newer SNP's:

      I was informed that when ordering the chip, FT DNA requested that all SNP's known at that specific date were included. They were supposedly unaware whether a particular SNP was successfully added to the chip until they got the final product. As such, it is extremely important that we continue to contrast the information we get from Geno 2.0 with what we know from our Project (STR and SNP-wise). This is because we will get many downstream SNP's from Geno 2.0, but won't be able to know the upstream ones until we know an individual's FT DNA SNP results.

      Regarding the new tree, we will work together to build it. Geno 2.0 will not give us an official version of a tree, so we'll continue what we've done until now - testing key terminal SNP's in specific groups and comparing results until we know exactly where a certain SNP fits on the tree. At such point, we'll submit this SNP to ISOGG and then work with FT DNA to update their ytree.

      The Geno 2.0 chip should be revised in a few months, so hopefully we'll get our key SNP's included then.

      On another front, results will be delayed for a few weeks, as they've been surprised with some results from specific haplogroups, including I, J and R (to read more, please visit: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/R1b1c_U106-S21/message/8866?) . There's apparently a lot of new information coming our way. That is very good news to us.

      Aaron Torres

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