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105Re: [I-M223] I2b1-Continental 2a

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  • Brian McCall
    May 1, 2012
      I am not saying the surname intanglement cannot be untangled.

      From: Brian McCall <mccallbrian568@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 1:36 PM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] I2b1-Continental 2a

      My statements are general. I do not know, about all your matches. It is the idea. That Cont.2a does have a common ancestor. That common ancestor or the snp mutation will define Cont.2a. Other common ancestors, or snp mutations may divide Cont 2a into newer, or further haplotypes/subcldes. The number of surnames is not really, relevent. The closer we get to present the more relative a surname can become.
       Aaron Torres may be able to answer to the most relevent research on Cont.2a. So, i return the discussion back to Aaron Torres.   

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      Subject: Re: [I-M223] I2b1-Continental 2a

      Is it the case then, that all of my Y-DNA matches are not only i2b1/M223, but Continental 2a as well?  These matches include twelve surnames and twenty-two individuals. 
      G. Michael "Mike" Anthony
      In a message dated 4/30/2012 11:05:34 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, mccallbrian568@... writes:
      If i might add. A Clan Stewart surname membe has recently discoverd. Throughdocumented gennalogical proff. that his own ancestor may very well be the true High Clan Stewart line. His y-happlogroup is also, HG I. You will have to excuse the fact. ido notremeber his sub-clade within Y-HG.I. 

      From: Brian McCall <mccallbrian568@...>
      To: "I-M223@yahoogroups.com" <I-M223@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 1:53 AM
      Subject: Re: [I-M223] I2b1-Continental 2a

      Mr. Johnston,
       If I may. My opinion is not worth diddly. I simply, want to say. Well done. It bring to mind the Bayeux Tapestry, Margaret's Train into Scotland, etc., andStrongbow into Ireland, and Sinclair's involvement in the Orkney's. The Vikings into Orkney, England and Ireland. Then those moving into Normandy and further. The returnof William into England. The exodus of William's Knight's or Clans into Scotland.Know as Margaret's Train. the inter-related families involved in those Viking migrations. Thier relationships with King David, Alexander, etc. included. Your ancestor's namemay very well be included on the Bayeux Tapestry. Some Claim. Many of William's followers grew to depise William's taxation and rule. Others claim. William sent his Norman Viking descendents into Scotland and Ireland. Thirdly, claims or pertains to the invitation of King David.
      Although, it is not my Y-Dna. The best I know. But, I have lineal ancestors such as Montgomery, Allen, and Johnston. They are all direct Grandparents. I may very well have a Wallace connection. But, that is a different story.   

      From: texasfalconer <texasfalconer@...>
      To: I-M223@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 11:20 PM
      Subject: [I-M223] I2b1-Continental 2a

      Can you give us a brief rundown on the I2b1–Continental 2a haplogroup as you did for the 2c?
      Briefly, we have a small group that started some 7 years ago, the Johnstons in Poldean:
      Poldean is a holding of some 2,000 acres approximately 3.5 miles south of Moffat, Scotland. Our "Poldean" Johnstons typically lived within a 5-7 mile radius of Moffat. Harsh taxes imposed by the "English" after Union forced many to leave Scotland and Poldean was sold.
      We have grown from the original 5 Y-DNA Cousins to well over 50 "Cousins and Kin" with approximately 32 of us possibly connected via Sir Adam Johnston (Johnstoun), ca. 1450. As we are of Viking descent we place considerable value upon oral history as the Viking sagas have proven to be quite accurate as have other Viking oral histories. One such bit of oral history indicates that an ancestor of our Johnston/e line came over to England in 1066 with William of Normandy. Later he and other family members estimated at possibly 180-200 travelled to the Borders of Scotland and settled there under an agreement with King David 1.
      The Poldean line in Scotland has been accepted by the Court of the Lord Lyon as being descended from Herbert, a son of Sir Adam Johnston and his second wife. Although the titles of Clan Johnston/e remained unclaimed for some 200 years, apparently none of the Poldean descendants stepped forward to claim them. Finally they were conferred upon a descendant of the distaff side of the family back in the 1960s, if I recall correctly. I've started to write an article several times for the Clan newsletter; however, new information keeps coming on board, outdating whatever I've written so it is still in limbo.
      We've also hired a professional genealogist in Scotland to confirm the genealogy opus done by Christopher Johnston, M.D., a scholar of some note. So far he has found it to be very accurate, and now he is about to expand upon other "Poldean" males and their various branches, fleshing them out and hopefully helping to make the connection back to Scotland for some of us.
      If there is something that we as a group or individuals can do to further the Y-DNA research of our haplogroup, let me know. I've put together our own Y-DNA spreadsheet which is designed to be taped together so that it can be read in the comfort of one's favorite easy chair. If you would like a copy to look at I can forward it to you as an attachment (Excel).
      Clifford Johnston

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