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Re: [Hyenas] Registration and insurance

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  • Peter Hawken
    Yes, you can Grant. For those of you who can t register on Sunday, let either Steve or me have the regitration money and papaerwork as soo as you can. We ll
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      Yes, you can Grant.  For those of you who can't register on Sunday, let either Steve or me have the regitration money and papaerwork as soo as you can.  We'll get it sent off with the next batch.
      I think that we shall be getting one batch off after ths weekend, one a week later and monthly from then on.  The EIHA secretary has asked that we send the registrations to him in batches, so we are keen to avoid sending him forms one at a time.  Please get your regsitrations in to us as soon as you can to avoid delays with the process.
      I am told that players are not insured to play until the team roster is updated and we have the player card in our possession.
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      Im not back from France until Monday, can I re-register next weekend ?
      PS  ---  Well done on the WIN everybody, I wish I could have been there !!
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      A few boring things that need to be mentioned....
      Registrations need to be completed by ALL players before they can play in games.  The existing registrations expire on 30th September. 
      If you are an existing Hyenas player with a current player card, we require only the fee of £20 for the annual registration.  You don't need to fill in the EIHA registration form.  Please remember - no £20 - no registration.
      If you are transferring from another team, a new player or have not been registered with the Hyenas for the last season, we need two passport photographs, the EIHA registration form and the fee of £20.
      Players who want to register with the Hyenas as their second team must fill in a dual regsitration form, provide photographs and the fee of £10.
      ALL players need to complete a Hyenas membership form as well.  This is for our own club records so we have contact details for all the players.  If you haven't filled one in, please contact me on Sunday evening to get the form.
      Finally, non registered players are not insured when they are on the ice.  For our protection,  we need to ensure that players are registered before they get on the ice, even for training sessions.  The registration can be with any club as the EIHA insurance covers all the player categories.  If you haven't registered yet, please so so on Sunday.  Remember that you are not allowed to play an official game unless you are registered with the Hyenas, so the registration is well worth the £20.

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