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RE: [Hyenas] Games ....

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  • Marc Givogue
    All of the dates and then training the next day!!!!
    Message 1 of 75 , Nov 12, 2005
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      All of the dates and then training the next day!!!!

      >From: Dave Key <dave_key@...>
      >Reply-To: Hyenas@yahoogroups.com
      >To: Hyenas@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [Hyenas] Games ....
      >Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 11:11:28 +0000
      >Home Games
      >1. Schedule
      >OK, So far the consensus seems to be for about six weeks. Sounds fine with
      >me so I'll work to that for now. If we start with 27 Nov ... then the next
      >would be 8th January (see below for possible match).
      >As you'll see below there are likely to be a few weekly games (Home &
      >Away)... but I'll try to keep things at around the 2 per month sort of
      >level .... unless people feel differently. With regards who plays in Home
      >games ... I guess that's for the Coach & Captain to decide based on the
      >existing rules ...
      >2. Nov 27th vs Nationwide Knights
      > I'll go with this as a definite
      >New Games
      >Chelmsford Chargers Challenge
      >We have been challenged to a game by the Chelmsford Chargers. They've
      >offered several dates but essentially we have 3 choices ... All Saturdays
      >all 11pm face-off ... November 19th, December 3rd (probably as it's Sat
      >2nd Dec in the note so I guess they meant the 3rd) and January 14th (there
      >is also Jan 21st and 28th but that's a bit far off in my opinion).
      >a) November 19th would give us a game before the Nationwide Knights but
      >only one training session
      >b) December 3rd is the week after so a possible
      >c) January 14th is also a possible since if we book the 6 week Home game
      >for Sunday 8th we may be able to make it a Home & Away pairing but Dec to
      >Jan isn't so bad so not a big issue .
      >d) January 21st & 28th are possibles but I'd like to try and keep things
      >fairly close to try to avoid too much 'bunching' later
      >But what does everyone else think?
      >a) Which date is your preference ? 19 Nov, 3 Dec or 14 Jan ? My personal
      >favourite is probably Dec 3rd but Jan 14th as a second choice ... but
      >what are your thoughts ?
      >b) Are you OK with the 8th January for a Home game vs Chelmsford ?
    • Don McGovern
      available if selected for both. Don
      Message 75 of 75 , Nov 15, 2005
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        available if selected for both. Don
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