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FW: darrell please pass to your team(new york trip 2006)

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  • Darrell Findlay
    ... From: joe allen [mailto:spikeandsuby@ntlworld.com] Sent: 29 September 2005 19:38 To: Darrell.Findlay@johnsondiversey.com Subject: darrell please pass to
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      From: joe allen [mailto:spikeandsuby@...]
      Sent: 29 September 2005 19:38
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      Subject: darrell please pass to your team(new york trip 2006)

      Hi Guys,

      I have a rough breakdown of the prices for New York, ( I say rough as not many companies can give definitive figures unless its no more than 11 months away for the visit, which ours is 12 months).


      - £375-£400 Per Person, travelling from Heathrow to John F Kennedy Apt NY

      Car Hire-

      7 Seater mini-van is approx £530 ( if for example if 5 people share, this is £106 each, not including fuel). Note: this does not include a discount for booking more than one vehicle at a time.


      £530 if you want individual rooms (if 2 people share this cost will obviously be cut in half-£265. 3 people sharing will be approx £180).

      Total, based on Car & Hotel sharing, including Flights = £700-800

      In order for us to have plenty of games, and so we can watch some live NHL games, the best dates for us to travel would be from Tuesday 18th Sep 06 - Friday 29th Sep 06 (10days).

      I have only got 9 players & 1 Netminder, so if you know any other players that would be interested let me know. We will not go on the trip unless we have a minimum of 15 outfielders by the end of this October.

      People Interested:


      Matt Wynn

      Janne &1

      Pete Freitag-Hyenas

      Karl &1

      Joe &1

      Jay Forsyth

      Tim -NM

      Andy Good

      Neil Moss- Hyenas

      Due to this month being registrations, a non-refundable deposit of £70 will be required from each person by the end of this October ‘05.

      We will open a bank account for those who want to pay monthly towards the trip.

      Many thanks


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