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Re: [Hyenas] Current situation!

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  • neil moss
    Hey (apparent team) Ive just got back from a two week holiday in greece tanned de-stressed and looking forward to suiting up again for the Hyenas - OR I WAS. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2005
      Hey (apparent team)

      Ive just got back from a two week holiday in greece
      tanned de-stressed and looking forward to suiting up
      again for the Hyenas - OR I WAS.

      I dont like taking sides in any argument as both sides
      are a certain percentage correct and incorrect - so if
      you wanna call me a fence sitter - thats exactly what
      i am - andy im with you mate old school. I havnt
      voiced my opinions in the team and after hearing what
      Kay said in the AGM i didnt need too. Well said. : )

      Since i joined in October the team has taken a sharp
      vertical drop into minor junior league hockey between
      players. This was one of the reasons i left playing
      the sport when i was 14 and i dont intend to leave the
      SPORT at 26. If a player does something wrong or gets
      in the wrong position, they dont wanna be shouted at
      in a "you dick head manner" (CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS
      THE KEY) and ive only seen and experienced this a
      couple of times.

      Im not going to talk about any of the issues ive waded
      through on email this morning but i am going to say -
      Dave Simms you have helped me since the beginning and
      i thank you for that, i will be sad to see you leave
      the team, so stick around - its a crap situation for
      you - the team and the board.

      I have got on with the team since i joined and ALL
      have helped me since october, just wish that
      differences between players can be resolved, but i
      think - and hate to say it that there is a certain
      amount of unnecessary rebellion in the Hyena camp.
      (Star wars punn intended)

      I wanna play Hockey as much as possible and with all
      this shite going down i would rather play chess - as
      for sitting up all night editing the new york game for
      the next four weeks after i finish work i ask you -
      where am i surposed to get my inspiration from.

      As for training this weekend im gonna take another
      week off to de-stress it takes alot to stress me out,
      and push my buttons, but by joe they have been pushed.

      Good luck to those who play tomorrow.

      Thought i would leave you with some definitions:

      1. a group of people forming one side in a sports
      2. a number of people organized to function
      cooperatively as a group

      Team player
      somebody who is willing to work cooperatively with
      others and to subordinate personal interests in order
      to achieve a common goal

      Team spirit
      an enthusiastic attitude toward working productively
      with a team or work group

      Encarta┬« World English Dictionary ┬ę 1999 Microsoft
      Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for
      Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

      --- Richard Dedman <ricky.de@...> wrote:

      > Pete u nor ne1 else can tell me 2 shut up or get
      > out,u
      > dont like wot i say tough!It is a team forum n i wil
      > continue saying wot i wish as n when i want!Thats 1
      > of
      > the joys of bein english,freedom of speech!Like i
      > said
      > at our meetin im fed up wit all this 2 but until
      > things r done by the book i will carry on putting up
      > opposition!U wanna personally have a go at me feel
      > free,i dont respect u so nothin u say wil affect the
      > way i play,ur happy loosing thats up 2 u but i aint
      > n
      > wil continue 2 play harder each game!N until off ice
      > stuff is sorted then nothing on the ice wil change
      > no
      > matter how much effort is put in by ne coach!I wil
      > not
      > let u or Darrell the 2 people in my opinion who r
      > causing the problems push me out of hockey,im better
      > than that and u no it!My numbers 07763691328 should
      > u
      > or ne1 wish to contact me! Rik
      > --- Hyenas@yahoogroups.com
      > <peter@...> wrote:
      > > Dear all,
      > >
      > > I must tell you all I am sick to death in what is
      > currently going on! I don't believe that e-mail is
      > the
      > right forum for slagging people off and winching
      > about
      > team matters.
      > >
      > > If you have an issue with an individual, talk to
      > him
      > face to face or phone him/her.
      > >
      > > If you have issues concerning the way the team is
      > run by the committee, bring them to the attention of
      > the chairman or in his absence any other committee
      > member but not the whole team!
      > >
      > > As from now on I will not respond to any e-mail
      > that
      > asks questions about how the committee is or should
      > be
      > working or addresses other peoples situation(s).
      > E-mails should be reserved for official Hyenas
      > business only, that is game announcements, game
      > registrations and communication necessary to ensure
      > the smooth running of events. Whereas I will not
      > respond to e-mails I will be very happy to talk to
      > any
      > of you on the phone or in person. My phone numbers
      > are
      > at the end of this message. I would like to stress
      > that this is my personal view and decision and not
      > the
      > committees.
      > >
      > > A few points to note:
      > >
      > > *The committee has been elected less than a month
      > ago by the whole team. Those who chose not to attend
      > and make their opinions heard have automatically
      > agreed to the majority decisions of those present at
      > the meeting. This is common democracy, not my rule!
      > >
      > > *The committee is not required to seek the opinion
      > of the team for most of the decisions it makes. That
      > is why we have a committee, all clubs work like
      > that.
      > This applies specifically to individuals
      > disciplinary
      > issues!
      > >
      > > *If you don't like the present committee and would
      > like to change it call for an EGM (our club rules
      > will
      > tell you how to do that) and then ask for a no
      > confidence vote in the committee. If you are not
      > prepared to do that either shut up or get out!
      > >
      > > *There will be no disciplinary meeting with Dave
      > Sims until the chairman is back. If it is one thing
      > that our club rules state very clearly and precisely
      > it is that the chairman must be present on any
      > disciplinary meeting. I am not being hard on Dave
      > Sims
      > now, he had ample opportunity to come before the
      > disciplinary committee and defend himself but he has
      > refused on every occasion. By the way if you are the
      > accused you are not in a position to demand who
      > should
      > be on the hearing. As an analogy if you are accused
      > of
      > a crime you can not demand which judge or indeed all
      > judges at the court in question should hear your
      > case.
      > I would like to make it clear that this is no
      > insinuation that Dave committed a crime, I just
      > could
      > not think of a different analogy to illustrate my
      > point.
      > >
      > > *I personally am only in the position as secretary
      > because the very serious mess the previous incumbent
      > got us in to. As you all know I am retired but I
      > still
      > have a lot better things to do than all the admin
      > that
      > goes with this post, so I would be quite happy to be
      > just a player and turn up for training and any games
      > that I qualify for. However I am in no financial
      > position, and probably a number of you aren't
      > either,
      > to stand for the potential fines, law suits and
      > medical costs last years fiasco could have involved.
      > I've decided to do it purely out of selfish reasons
      > so
      > I can make sure this will never happen again and
      > thereby not put my financial liability at risk.
      > >
      > > *Remember nobody is indispensable in this club, no
      > matter what position he/ she plays including
      > netminder! As per club constitution we are open to
      > all
      > players of both sexes, irrespective of colour creed,
      > nationality and we will welcome (up to our limit in
      > numbers) any player or netminder.
      > >
      > > Finally if the above sounds hard and direct it is
      > damnwell meant to be! I've had enough of this
      > bitching! If anybody has an issue with this please
      > talk to me!
      > >
      > > Rick we had a meeting and I thought we were all
      > positive at the end. Sadly I was wrong as you only
      > took a few days to have a dig at our chairman in
      > public again. So if I am personal on this final
      > point
      > I mean that as well. Either get involved as above or
      > get out!
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