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Rec Hockey AGM (fwd)

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  • Steve Boardman
    All, Here are Darrell s highlights of the EIHA Rec AGM. Steve. ... Potted highlights of the Agm, 6 hours driving for 3 hours of passion, argument and fun!
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2003

      Here are Darrell's highlights of the EIHA Rec AGM.


      ----------Forwarded message ----------

      Potted highlights of the Agm, 6 hours driving for 3 hours of passion,
      argument and fun!

      *Tony pointon chairman
      Linda games co-ordinator

      Were both re-elected and not opposed

      *ron.christion@..., is now on e-mial!

      *There are

      52 rec clubs
      1400 members

      * All clubs are members of eiha and all will have a share certificates,
      question who holds this now? I counted around 14 teams that were
      present which is a sad state of affairs. Suggestions were made about
      fineing clubs for not attending but this would not be legal so could not
      be passed.

      * Potential new players to clubs/Registration/Insurance

      We must adhere to the option that was raised as the only option for
      people trying out rec hockey, they must fill out registration details
      before they get on the ice, dated the first day of training, this then
      will cover them for a 2 week trial session, and we will then be covered
      for Insurance. Once the 2 weeks is up either they join and we send off
      papers or they do not train. We must start to adopt this policy as we
      will not be insured if there is an injury with an unregistered player.

      *Game sheets must be returned to Rec the central contact, Ron I think,
      if not this may lead to refusal of any subsequent game authorisation

      *There may be a potential non checking tournament in Slough next year

      I also made contact with John from Milton Keynes and suggested that it
      was about time we had another game with the Jesters, Paul look out for a
      new contact from them in the near future.

      Steve, can you put these details on the website and e-mail it to the
      Hyenas group for their information


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