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Greetings from Vancouver

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  • Ian Courtney
    Hey all, Well I have almost come to the end of my time in Canada, in just over 8 weeks I will be back in London. The last few weeks have been quite hectic. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2003
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      Hey all,
      Well I have almost come to the end of my time in Canada, in just over 8 weeks I will be back in London.
      The last few weeks have been quite hectic.  I had a road trip of a lifetime in the states (Vegas, L.A. San Fran, Yosmite and Death Valley).  The Mrs, as she hates to be called, went back home (if she hadnt I think I could have stayed out here forever).  I have moved into a new apartment...and am moving out again this weekend!! 
      Long story short my landlord suddenly decided that he wanted the place to for himself so is turning me and my flatmate out on the street.  Luckily my boss is a top bloke and is letting me live in his basement, which is bigger then the apartment I live in now and only wants half the rent I'm paying at the moment, wicked!
      So now I have to sell my car, tv, bed and most of my hockey kit some time in the next 2 months, I cant belive how much crap I own!
      Myself and Donny are planning a 2 week snowboarding trip to Lake Louise at the end of November and after that I'll have 2 days to say goodbye to Vancouver before I board the flight back to Heathrow.
      Anyway I have a game of hockey in the morning so I'm gonna head off to bed.
      By the way, how are you?
      Speak soon

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